Debbie on my Mind

DEBBIE ON MY MIND It’s not your beauty among many faces Or the carnal booty your black body encases Neither is it the brevity of my naughty moments In the Mercedes patent of your human Benz   There are feline marauders with your hue on yahoo Masculine masqueraders who try such feats too.   It … More Debbie on my Mind

What is Worship?

  Micah 6:6-8 I. THE THREE PRETENSIONS OF WORSHIP Worship is all about doing or giving something to earn God’s favour. This error manifests in: A. The Simplistic Outlook on Giving (v6) 1. Worship is Material (6a) ‘with what…?’ – The things in v6b 2. Worship is Methodical (6b) – With prescriptions – ‘shall I come … More What is Worship?

Prayer and Faith

1. Prayer without faith: God may do it 2. Faith without Prayer: God can do it 3. Prayer of Faith: God will do it    Backed by the Word of God: Faith claims God’s promise (Rom. 4:20; Gal. 3:14;    Heb. 6:12)   Backed by the Will of God: Faith conforms to God’s purpose (Rom. 8:27-28; … More Prayer and Faith

Decent Dressing

The subject matter of dressing is no longer the aboriginal utility of covering or suitability to climate but the present day aberrant and abhorrent misuse of the clothing material. The pressure is stronger to deny the reality of decency in dressing and to disregard all rules of modesty in the face of today’s individualistic and … More Decent Dressing

My maiden Easter

Lord Jesus when you came into my heart I could not see the difference or what the dove came to impart. For yet my body was black which bore the cursed emblem Walking with white Jesus with a black spirit was the problem.   And many times I longed for you, casting my grief and … More My maiden Easter

To Debbie with Love

In times of desolation and terror, the soul slowly folds Courage cowers, confidence crumbles, desire dissolves in dread Words fail and love can be denied.   All sail through dark tunnels to see a dispersion of light Portraits pall in a plethora of palette, pristine hue lost in prismatic palindromes Beauty ebbs and ebony can … More To Debbie with Love